August 2018

Plans for mission trips to the Anajali Primary School in Kenya during the 2019 calander year will be featured in upcoming newsletters.  If you are interested in either the February trip or the June/July trip, please contact Anajali Ministries as soon as possible so that the process can be set in motion with adequate preparation time.  Do not use the application on this web page as it is currently not working.  Call 860-456-0231 or mail an inquiry to Anajali Ministries, PO Box 46, Scotland, CT  06264.  Thank you for your interest.

Please be in prayer for a 16 year old girl named Sarah who currently in in the hospital due to a very low blood count and kidney failure. 

Continue to pray for the family of Kelvin, a 13 year old 7th grader at Anajali who died by his father's hand.  The father is in prision and the family continues to morn.  The father was the only bread winner.

Two successful trips to the Anajali Primary School in Kibera, a large slum in Nairobi, Kenya, took place in February and late June into July.  The most exciting happening during the June/July trip centered around preparing a roadway into the high school land and actually having the Sparr Drilling Company drill the well there.  More than an adequate supply of fresh water for a high school and the surrounding area of Masai people was reached at 853 feet.  Pray for the needed funds to bring in the electricity and hook ups so the water can be accessed daily.

December 29, 2017
Plans are under way for the February 2018 mission trip to the Anajali School in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya.  We plan to leave February 13th from Boston and return on the 27th.  There is still room to be part of this trip
for those who would like to go. You will need to contact Anajali Ministries by email or by telephone as the application part of this web site is not currently operating.  We will be working with and teaching the children, visiting in homes, traveling up-country to do evangelism and ministry, and hopefully seeing progress with the drilling of the well on the high school property.

For those of you who would like to go during our summer mission trip of 2018, contact us as we will be planning that trip for the end of June into July.  During this trip we will be updating the profiles of the children, teaching, and visiting in homes as well as ministering in the church. 

If you are not able to go, perhaps you would like to help with the financial part of the trip.   Baggage fees, de-worming medicine, and socks for the children all require extra money as well as school supplies.  If you sponsor a child, you can send a letter and gift to your child.  Please choose one item from the following list:  back pack (no wheels,) an NIV Bible, a fleece blanket, school supplies (composition book, pencils, erasers, hand held pencil sharpener, black ball point pens, and stickers,) a fleece jacket, knitted hat and mittens, or dress for girls, shirt for boys.  If you send a gift for your child, why not send an extra gift for a child that does not yet have a sponsor.  Be sure to write your child's name on a piece of paper and safety pin it or tape it to the item.

We will be collecting handerchiefs (need 1,300) for the June trip.  We can use jump ropes, hackey sack balls, and head bands.  We will also be collecting underwear for girls in grades 5 through 8 along with sanitary pads.  If you would like a receipt for what you give, please include the receit for your items and your address.


                            1.  Post-election violence continues to rip Kenya apart.  Pray that Odinga, leader of the opposition party, will go to court to settle his differences concerning the outcome of the election.  At present, he does not want to do this but rather seems to be encouraging continued violence in areas where he is popular.


                            2.    Pray that schools will be able to open soon.  Wellingtone is hoping Anajali can begin again the week of the 21st of August.  He has had to hire four fully armed police to guard Anajali.  Two take the day and two take the night. 


                            3.    There is currently no public transport on the roads.  Food is not being transported so there is none to buy.  Petrol, gas for vehicles, is not being transported so there is none in gas stations.  People are afraid.  Pray that normal life will be restored soon.


                            4.    A new church member of the Anajali Church has lost her son to sickle-cell anemia.  He came to Sunday School but died recently.  He did not attend Anajali but was in Class 2 in another school.  Pray for the mother and that burial of her son will be possible soon.


                            5.   Pray that Anajali Ministries will have the funds to help meet the needs of the Anajali community, which includes sending the graduating Class 8 students to high school.


We praise God that He is Almighty and greatly to be praised.  He loves His people and cares about the things which we face.  Let us unite our hearts to our Father and praise Him no matter what.


In His service, Anne for Anajali


The following information and prayer requests came from Wellingtone today, July 20th.  Please make the elections a matter of prayer.

We appreciated the team led by Kathleen visiting the school and Kibera slums.The families visited still appreciate up to now and say their prayers changed lives for better.

Here we are doing end of term exams and the kids are passing with flying colors. We attribute this to the motivation they got from the team and gifts . Teachers are also so happy for the gifts and inspiration they got from the mission team.

We as a family enjoyed mingling with the team and holding devotions.

Kenyan politics is gaining momentum and has become very chaotic.Gangs are forming in Kibera and information reaching us is that whichever way election results go they want to cause havoc.We therefore have been advised to buy enough for should transport and supplies be cut off. We are anticipating some extra beddings should we receive the Anajali church and school community members in the estate.

After experiencing long drought spells the harvest was affected but now people are selling  their produce for fair prices especially Maize and beans.

Now that everybody is worried about the elections, many institutions are buying to stock enough food for term three and term one 2018.My prayer is that God should open ways for us to have enough food to avoid kids going hungry. When election war breaks up they target food stores and burn them down.

We really need prayers. The election date is 8th of August 2017.

Thank you for holding the needs up in prayer.

Kathleen for Anajali

High School students have reported for the new 2017 school year.  Fifteen of the graduating Class 8 students have received sponsors in order for them to attend high school.  News of a sponsor brings tears of joy to the student who thought that he/she might never have this opportunity.  That leaves twenty-one students still praying and waiting and hoping that someone will respond to the need.  How about you?  Would you make a difference in the life of a child?  Cost is $1,000 a year payable in full or installments.   Contact Anajali Ministries at 860-456-0231 or email me at

Enrollment at Anajali has reached 600 students for 2017.  Pray for Teacher James as his Class 4 students number 100.  Pray for all the teachers as they embark on this new school year.  Pray for food to feed this many students.  Perhaps an extra donation at this time to help buy food would be something you could do. 

Anajali Ministries Prepares for 2017 Mission Trips
Why go on an Anajali Ministry Mission Trip?
"If you have ever considered the idea of going on a missions trip, I encourage you to go with Anajali Ministries. I have been on several trips with my own church. They have primarily been building churches. I have seen the poverty, and it is something that I never get used to, but it has always been from afar. Traveling with Anajali this past June was a trip that was completely different. As we drove up to the school the first day, I was hit by the contrast of the house we were staying in to the deplorable conditions of the slum. I love kids, so I enjoyed the chances we got to play with the children from the school and teach them through skits and songs. The smiles on their faces are a blessing. We visited with several families of the school children. There are no words to describe the living conditions and the struggles they face each day. We heard their stories and heartaches. We read Bible verses and prayed with them. That visit through the slum brought me to tears once we returned to the school. When we worshiped with them at church and an open air evangelism event, the depth of their joy for Jesus was very real. Even though I didn't understand most of the words, I could feel the Spirit there. For me, one bad morning can halt my joy. In comparison, I have so much and the people we served have so little, yet their love for Jesus is so deep. It is very humbling. A trip with Anajali Ministries could change your life!" by Kathleen Matson, participant on the summer 2016 trip to Anajali.
Two trips are in the plans for 2017.
Possible Winter Dates: February 16 - March 2 or February 23 - March 9.
Possible Summer Dates: June 14 - June 28 or June 21 through July 5.
If you are considering either of these times, please let Anne Blodgett know as soon as possible. Thank you.
Tel: 860-456-0231

Anajali Ministries continues to support the children of the Anajali Primary School in Kibera, the largest slum in Africa, located in Nairobi, Kenya.  Applications are being taken for the February/March 2017 Mission Trip to the Anajali School.  Activites will include working with the students on some science projects, distributing gifts, encouraging teachers, visiting in the slum, and other projects, which could include construction and painting.  If you are interested, please write to  Do not use the application button on this web page as it is currently not available. 

A second team will be going during the months of our June/July.  Look for updates on this and apply if you are interested in this trip by emailing  Do not use the button on this web page as it is currently not available.

Work continues on the new kitchen.  New walls, windows and doors, roof and floor are currently finished.  Donations are needed for stoves, tables and shelves.  Use the Pay-Pay option on this web page or send your donation through the US mail sending your contribution to Anajali Ministries, PO Box 46, Scotland, CT 06264.

Two other ongoing projects include the purchasing of a new van for the school and the construction of a well on the high school property.  Consider giving a gift to help these projects come to completion.  Donations may be sent through Pay-Pay on this web page or through the US mail to Anajali Ministries, PO Box 46, Scotland, CT  06264.

Students are graduating in November 2016 from Class 8 at the primary school.  Each one is a worthy candidate who wishes to continue his/her education by attending high school.  This is possible only if there are people who are willing to sponsor a student.  The fee is $1000 per student due in early December 2016.  More than one person can help sponsor a single student.  Also payments by the month are possible.

On the primary level, we continue to look for people to sponsor children for $20 a month.  This money benefits the child by paying the teachers their allowances and helping to provide food for their daily meal.  You will receive a picture of your child, an update each year, and the opportunity to send a small gift and letter to your child twice a year.   Contact Anajali Ministries either through email at, by the US mail to Anajali Ministries, PO Box 46, Scotland, CT, or by telephone at 860-456-0231.

Anajali Ministries took applications for the 2016 June/July mission trip to the Anajali School.  A great group of people responded and spent time doing updates on all the students, teaching the Ten Commandments, taking part in church services, visiting in the homes of some of the children,and  doing Open Air Evangelism.

Items collected for the 2016 June/July trip included cloth handkerchiefs, colored pencils, toothbrushes, girls' underwear sizes 10 - 14 and women's underwear sizes 5 and 6, sanitary pads,  gently used or new match box type cars and trucks, small stuffed animals or beanie baby type animals for pre-school students, red and black ball point pens, pencils, large erasers (no pencil top erasers) and crayons.  Each gift received brought smiles to the faces of these children who have so very little of this world's goods and could not attend school without your help.  Thank you.

Three young men and two women made up the February 2016 mission trip to Anajali.  The men worked on building a water tower for the new water tank.  They also worked in the classrooms helping students understand what construction workers do and the tools that they use.  Classes in CPR were conducted.  De-worming was done on all students and staff.  Encouragement cards were given to all students except Baby Class who received small stuffed animals.  All gifts were deeply appreciated by the students and staff.

The eight members of the Anajali Mission Trip in June and July 2014 spent two weeks working with the children of Anajali, teaching in the classrooms, doing art projects with the children, updating the records of all the children, visiting in the homes, traveling up-country to view a site to begin the high school, and serving in the churches.  To see the news from each day of this trip, visit Anajali Ministries on Facebook. 

The Anajali Mission Trip February 21 - March 5, 2014 successfully completed many tasks and participants returned to the United States with hearts full of the love of God bestowed upon us by the Anajali Community as we sought to minister to the students and teachers at Anajali.

The next mission trip will leave the United States the week of June 16 and return during the first few days of July.  The cost of the trip is $800 plus air fare.  Activites will include teaching in the classrooms, working with the children with art projects, reading to the pre-school children using the giant books donated by a school in Connecticut, visiting families in the slum, painting more school buildings, participating in church and open air meetings, and showing the love of Christ to those around us.



We have a number of people who have signed up for the mission trip in June 2013.  Dates are June 25 through July 9.  If you are interested in this trip, please apply on the web page as soon as possible as space is filling up quickly.   Many people are knitting hats so that the children can each receive one when we go in June.  Check the newsletter for directions for knitting hats.  Felt hats, crocheted hats and purchased hats are also acceptable.   The summer team will be working among the children at the Anajali School, ministering during church and Sunday school, visiting in the slum, and doing some construction projects.   


We praise God for the provision of funds for the funeral service of Lucy, the assistant pastor's wife who bled to death last week after giving birth to twin sons.  Ten family members and thirty of the church people will be traveling by bus to the Western Province to attend the burial and in support of their assistant pastor.  Pray for Vitilas and the children, Bayhack and Barrack and the new twins.  Pray that God will supply their needs and comfort them as they must go on without wife and mother.

Because of the generosity of many people, the entire 8th grade class of 2012 will have the opportunity to attend High School!

May 13

Children and adults from Shaurimoyo Adventist Church and School came visiting the children at Anajali. They brought gifts of clothing for the children, 1/2 bag of beans, 1 bag dried corn, 2 bags of rice (50 k altogether,) milk, cabbage, tea, 40 liters of cooking oil, soap for washing, sanitary products, and toilet tissue. A meal was prepared and everyone enjoyed the time together. THANK YOU, Shaurimoyo Adventist Church and School. Your gifts are deeply appreciated. May God bless you.


Volunteer team returns from Kenya
The February 2012 Mission Team has returned from working at the Anajali School.  Many activities took place during their time there, including:
  • helping to build two new classrooms
  • instructing teachers on methods to help struggling students
  • teaching some women from the slum how to knit so they can begin a cottage industry
  • educating students about the role of mechanical engineers and of environmental consciousness
  • introducing the students to the violin and to the commonwealth of Virginia
  • running a de-worming clinic
  • taking photos of all of the 8th graders
  • erecting an Anajali sign on the new High School land.

Many friendships were renewed, and new ones created.  Praise God that everyone remained safe during the trip.

If you would like to read a blog about the trip, please click here

Happy New year 2012!!
From Wellingtone; "We registered the most impressive KCPE exam results. (KCPE is an abbreviation for Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, a certificate awarded to students after completing the approved eight-year course in primary education in Kenya.) Thanks to our God and partners."

Congratulations and Thank you!
Because of the many generous supporters of the Anajali School, ALL of the 2011 Class Eighth students now have sponsors to allow them to go to High School. The generosity that has been shown to these students is incredible. Thank you!
New Sponsorship Drive
We are working to get 200 new primary student sponsorships, thereby ensuring the support needed to run the Anajali School.  Please visit our HOME page for more information.
We are hopeful that even more people will be moved to support the education of these children.
Wellingtone Returns to Kenya
Wellingtone has made it safely back home to Nairobi after spending nearly two months in the US.  While there, he traveled to numerous states and visited with many supporters of Anajali. Joyfully, Wellingtone returns home with sufficient funds to complete the purchase of the land for the High School.  Thanks be to God.

Next Trip
If you wish to be considered for the next mission trip let us know by accessing our Contact Us page, or by filling out an application here.

Team returns from most recent trip
Anne, Carolyn,Debbie, Dee, Susan, & Wayne have recently returned from a successful trip to the Anajali school.  While there, they photographed, measured the height and weight, checked the vision and hearing of the students.  Car
olyn evaluated some of the students and showed some teachers the materials that were brought to help struggling students.  Pencil sharpeners were mounted in the classrooms, the students were instructed in Stop, Drop & Roll, and the teachers were introduced to the Heimlich maneuver.  Some of the high school students up country were visited and a chicken coop was constructed so they could be raised for food, eggs, and selling.  A celebration was held in honor of the school doing so well in the District exams.  A visit to the homes of some students, participating in church services, shopping at the market, and visiting the Bomas of Kenya, as well as the land being purchased rounded out their week.  If you would like to read and find out more about this trip please click on this  link. 

Increases in High School Costs anticipated
Several high schools are discussing the possibility of increasing the current cost of $750 to attend high school.  If that happens, it well make it even more difficult for these talented students to get a higher education.  We will update  this website as we get more information.

Ongoing Need
The food used to feed the school at mid-day had, until this time, been donated to the school. That donation source is no longer available and the school must now purchase the food for the children, at a cost of about $125 per day.  The school is struggling to feed the children, and if unable to do so, they will have to be sent home at lunch time, where they may or may not get anything to eat and may or may not return for afternoon classes. As I am sure you are aware, learning will be adversely affected if children are hungry.  If you are able to donate something to help alleviate this situation, please click  here.

District Exams
The results of the district wide Grade 8 examination are in. Vanessa, from Anajali, scored #1 out of about 600 students in the district!  Congratulations Vanessa!  And Mary scored 4th in the entire district as well.  Congratulations goes out to her also. 

All of the 21 students in this year's Grade 8 scored in the top 49 positions in the entire district! What a testimony to the work of the Anajali School.

February 2011 Trip
Anne, Bradford,
Carolle, Logan and Susan returned from the Anajali School after spending a week working with the teachers and students. They conducted a mini health clinic, evaluated children who seemed to have difficulty learning in the classroom, and conducted a workshop with the teachers on tools and equipment available to them for teaching students with special needs. A visit to the homes of the teachers, participating in church services, shopping at the market, doing science experiments with the children in the school, visiting the animal orphanage and the Bomas of Kenya rounded out their week.  If you would like to read and find out more about this trip please click on this  link.

Graduating Class
Class 8 students graduating from Anajali Primary School in November are looking for sponsors to pay their high school fees so that they can continue their education in January 2012.  $750 is needed for each student to attend a year of high school.  Those interested in helping a young person realize his/her dreams may donate through our Anajali School web page or send their tax-deductible contributions to Anajali Ministries, Inc. PO Box 46, Scotland, CT  06264.

A Future Anajali High School
Funds are being raised to purchase land located about 45 minutes from Kibera for the purpose of constructing an Anajali High School.  Funds are needed to construct the school, which will allow all students graduating from Anajali to access high school education. 
Tax-deductible donations for this project may be made through this web site or  contributions may be sent to Anajali Ministries, Inc., PO Box 46, Scotland, CT  06264.

January 2011 Trip Report

Anne, Grace, and Peter completed a trip to Kenya In January. The purpose of the trip was to do administrative work, receive reports from sponsored high school students for their US sponsors, and to encourage teachers and students at Anajali Primary School. An evening event was held with a meal and a challenge to the teachers and their families that we are expecting a great year in 2011 as we continue to Praise God. Sixty-four people were served rice, ugali, chicken, beef soup, beef, and mangoes and bananas for desert. Morning Bible devotions were instituted at the school as well as teachers accepting new roles. A new Deputy Head Teacher and Senior Teacher were chosen. The Baby Class teacher did not report so Anne with the help of Teacher Velencia and the Clerk undertook the Baby Class until a teacher was found. The class now has 18 students ages 2 and 1/2 and three. Peter and Grace from Metro Ministries here in the US were able to do a school wide presentation which the students and teachers enjoyed and was called Simba Express. This presented the gospel and taught the Bible lesson that we need to use the talents that God has given us. We hope to continue this outreach to the children at the school and to the slum in general. Peter also conducted an Open Air Revival in the field outside the school on Sunday afternoon with the help of the teachers and staff of Anajali. The children of Anajali presented special music. A beautiful set of drums were provided to the school by a couple in the US who wished to honor their retiring organist. We were presented a program by the students in the Anajali Primary School Choir which was heart warming and inspiring. The drums made this presentation even more special.

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