Students of the Anajali School begin arriving at 6 AM and either have chores of cleaning the school grounds or studying and preparing for class, which begins at 6:30 AM. There is a recess break at 10:30 AM when children may eat a snack if they have brought one to school. At 12:45 PM lunch is served to the students, which consists of cooked field corn and kidney beans with tomato and onions. This soup like mixture is the only food that some children have all day. Providing this mid-day meal costs the school about $600 per week, a four fold increase in just the last few months.

Classes begin again at 2:00 PM until 4:30 PM when Baby Class through Class 5 are let out to go home. Class 6 through Class 8 stay and work until 8:00 PM. Some of this time is spent in studying and in doing homework as the school has electricity and many homes have none. School is Monday through Saturday. Students have a two-week break the end of April, the beginning of August, and in December. 

Children advance to the next grade when school resumes in January and if they have passed the end of the year exams in the grade just completed.

All classes are taught in English. Classroom teachers receive an allowance of less than the equivalent of $100 US money per month . They have very limited supplies and resources. Yet this school has placed first in its district out 120 schools.  The school received a trophy in July of 2014 for Academic Excellence and also for the most improved school.

In Kenya, there are approximately 1,000,000 Class 8 students each year who sit for exams in order to try to secure one of the 300,000 spots available for high school. Because many students are unable to pay even $2.00 a month to attend Anajali School, high school, which costs $1000.00 a year, requires that the student have a sponsor in order to go. The Anajali School is dependent upon gifts from outsiders to operate. 

Class 8 Anajali students regularly secure places in high school, doing very well in the District Exams.

Anajali Ministries has, over the years, been able to find sponsors for a number of students.  The ones who have been sponsored are so grateful and happy to be in school.

Currently Anajali Ministries supports 68 students that have graduated from Grade 8 since 2007.  

The Primary school currently educates over 360 students every year, and Anajali Ministries has been able to find sponsors for 150 of them.

Our ultimate goal is to be able to provide a High School that all Anajali Primary School graduates can attend. Until then, Anajali Ministries is seeking sponsors for all of the high school students (about 20 to 30 per year) and at least 200 more primary school students. 

Now we have a number of students who have graduated from high school and need support to pursue their education on the college level. 

Would you please consider sponsoring a child, either for primary education at the Anajali School or for high school? 
Investing in the life of a child will enable that child to have a brighter future and become a hard-working responsible adult. 

Or perhaps you would be interested in sponsoring a teacher.  Some months the teachers cannot be paid their full salary due to lack of funds, and yet they continue to teach large classes with limited supplies because they care about the children of their community.


If you would like to contribute to the education of these children, you can do so in two ways:


  • Avoid the additional fees (over 2%) required by the PayPal website by sending regular mail to:


Anajali Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 46
Scotland, CT 06264



  • Use the easy DONATE buttons at the bottom of the page.




Anajali Ministries is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.  All contributions are fully tax deductible.



Gift of $1022 ($1000 for one year of High School +$22 PayPal fee)
Gift of $245.70 ($240 for one year of Grade School +$5.70 PayPal fee) 
Gift of $102.55 ($100 for one month's Teacher Salary +$2.55 PayPal fee)
Gift for food for the school (Your gift of any amount will be appreciated) 
Gift of any amount  (You specify the purpose)
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